18 November 2012

Photo Diary: Marina Bay Sands Staycation

  Sorry for the lack of posts! Anyways I had a great weekend with my friends staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We got two connecting rooms as there was eight of us. So pretty much my weekend went like this: friday-prom, saturday & sunday-relaxing time! Above are some pictures of what happened, sorry but I dont have prom pictures:(
  Well, prom wasn't really what like I expected it to be... It wasn't that fun but oh wells. Saturday and Sunday was more of like relaxation, where we had good food, did some walk in the gardens, swimming etc. Overall, I had a fantastic weekend!! 
  I'm starting work tomorrow at topshop! I'm excited and anxious, not sure what to expect. Time to earn some cash! I'm getting pretty broke... so yeah. Hope you had a great weekend too!:)

Dion T.

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