10 December 2013


this place hasn't been updated for more then a year but idk i want to write how i've been feeling cause well i don't really want to tell people and i can't write it on my tumblr because people i know follow me there.

well a lot had happened within the year and 2013 is coming to an end……

i got into a relationship and got out of it, well it was a good 6 months with him and we're still friends actually friends w benefits lil but wtv. he's better at being my buddy then a bf HAHAHA friend zone material you know? i wasn't a fantastic gf to him also la but wtv we had fun doing stupid things. i kinda miss that tho i mean yeah some days i just miss him and the things we used to do but i'll just text him and be like i miss u slut and we're totally cool about it.

like idk maybe we aren't so serious about each other from the start, he loved me more than i loved him then gradually the tables turned i fall harder for him. but when he said he wanted to end things i didn't take it too well at first like i cried for two days and on the third day i kinda got my shit sorted out like i rather it end on good terms and at least we still be friends because i mean we have like TONS of mutual  friends and it would be awkward if we weren't friends like ya? we still meet each other like the two of us time to time to catch up and stuff. but maybe deep down i haven't really gotten over him? i still get a bit jealous when girls like him HAHAHA i mean can't help it he's quite good looking and has the height and built. we disturb each other a lot buddy zoned each other HAHA like idk ppl ask if we will ever get back together and we're just like omg no i don't want which is funny to an extend.

ok enough about it time to move on to another big thing that happened this year

well i starts my next stage in education……… i'm currently taking a diploma in business administration and idk what to say maybe i'm not very much suited for it. at the start things were good like i wasn't so pressured about it and ya my gap was 3.3…. i can't even make it to a local uni because its 3.85 like what the fuck. and mostly got 3.5 and above so i'm like fuck it. i just ended the first term of my second semester and i am already so so tired of it IMAGINE ANOTHER 2+YEARS OF HELL idk how i;m going to survive. i mean i am v thankful for my friends in sch rn but i'm really going to miss them when we specialise in our final year. i mean yes i'll still see them are and we can catch up but thing is i am social awkward when meeting new people and urm some people in sch are just………. ya so idl how i am going to do it i should have just gone into fashion school  maybe much happier there but the submission there dis crazy so technically anyway i study is shit because its fucking singapore.

and another like big thing that happened was i convert to becoming an assistant stylist in topshop!!!! i mean i don't work much a work cause i have school too but like ya at least some income cause i've stopped asking my parents for money to shop and i legibly give back my money to the company cause when its payday i just buy all the topshop shit.

sigh i am just so so tired of life rn all i want to do is rot in bed. its the holidays but omg i haven't has a day where i could actually stay home the whole day :( i really can't wait of the weekends cause so much is happening this week and i also need my social life back sighhhh :(

23 November 2012


All images from style.com

  I know, why post about A. Wang's spring ready to wear 2013 collection? I know the collection has been out for quite some time but I just had to blog about it. IT IS JUST PERFECT. Above are some of my loved designs. And glow in the dark clothing for spring, who else could be such a genius eh? 

 p.s. work has been making me feel tired and i haven't had much time to blog, i promise i'll try to post at least once a week!

Dion T.

18 November 2012

Photo Diary: Marina Bay Sands Staycation

  Sorry for the lack of posts! Anyways I had a great weekend with my friends staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We got two connecting rooms as there was eight of us. So pretty much my weekend went like this: friday-prom, saturday & sunday-relaxing time! Above are some pictures of what happened, sorry but I dont have prom pictures:(
  Well, prom wasn't really what like I expected it to be... It wasn't that fun but oh wells. Saturday and Sunday was more of like relaxation, where we had good food, did some walk in the gardens, swimming etc. Overall, I had a fantastic weekend!! 
  I'm starting work tomorrow at topshop! I'm excited and anxious, not sure what to expect. Time to earn some cash! I'm getting pretty broke... so yeah. Hope you had a great weekend too!:)

Dion T.

12 November 2012

Tiong Bahru Bakery

All images by me

  Had brunch with my cousins today before we did some shopping. We went to a bakery in Tiong Bahru hence the name of the shop Tiong Bahru Bakery. That's how creative people can get, haha. Absolutely loved the place! It's like a cute cosy shop with seriously fantastic food. Above are pictures of what the shop sells and what we ordered to have. I really am impressed by the food, something so simple yet made to perfection.

Dion T.